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Fur Bucket Hat


The designer and creative director of Tuza, Suzzan Atala, breaks with the rigidity of the styling paradigms in jewelry through this campaign. A campaign that takes up the fashion and colors of the eighties and nineties to create a nostalgic space, which is daring through an explosion of color. The protagonists of this campaign are AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, a group of five musician boys, who transmit the rebellion of that time. Tuza’s jewelry, bags, and buckets hats challenge gender roles in a fun campaign that empowers Latino diversity.

Atala, who in addition to designing the pieces, coordinated the production and styling. She found in this band from Monterrey, who describe themselves as “the anti-boyband” a parallel, since both projects have the mission to show Mexican and latino beauty outside the stereotypes, there are no physical and external limits to define the beautiful.

The Northerners of AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, who compose all their songs, released their first album DROPOUT this year. They toured all over Mexico and performed at Ceremonia festival in April, in Toluca, alongside Massive Attack, Pussy Riot, and Rosalia. This collection of photographs is an ode to rebellious youth and bright colors; to the need to express ourselves as we are.

The fur bucket hats are handmade in our workshop in Mexico City and are made by recycled faux fabrics.


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